Tiny World Tours take you deeper...



Tiny World Tours take you deeper...



Through unique experiences in the U.S. and around the world, Tiny World Tours brings people together in meaningful ways to help shrink our planet. We open doors to an inside track of special people, places, opportunities and  transformative ideas.  You step through.

On every trip you’ll meet fascinating people such as architects, artists, archeologists, balladeers, Bedouins, beer makers, Buddhists, cheesemakers, chefs like Steve Couch, experimental postmodern choreographers like Deborah Hay, curators, elephant mahouts, fashion designers, filmmakers like Richard Linklater, folk artists, foragers, furniture makers, game designers, geographers-at-large like Eames Demetrios, holographers, librarians, linguists, mariachis, mayors, monks, musicians, naturalists, neurosurgeons, novelists, opera director/polymaths like Doug Fitch, restauranteurs, scientists, shaman, Sherpas, storytellers, ship captains, teachers, textile makers, thespians, Tibetan Lamas, truck decorators, urban planners, zine publishers and more…

On every trip you’ll go to unique places and get behind-the-scenes at places such as the Alhambra, artist studios, astronomical observatories, bakeries, botanical gardens, cathedrals, cemeteries, circuses, coffee plantations, dancehalls, distilleries, farms, flea markets, film studios, the Fly Ranch, galleries, the Hagia Sophia, high-tech manufacturers, Hindu festivals, mosques, Kcymaerxthaere, the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum, onsen, private art collections, quarries, the Reichstag, ryokan, Sunnylands, the Taj Mahal, Turkish baths, vineyards, Watts Towers, zoos, and more…

On every trip you’ll taste something different such as Baklava in Istanbul, BBQ in Kansas City, Korea, Memphis, Texas, etc., beignets in New Orleans, bourbon tastings in Kentucky, breakfast tacos in Austin, Vietnamese fusion in Paris, chicken fried steak in Gruene, Texas, cava cocktails in Madrid, dosa in Karnataka, gelato in Venice, kahvalti in Istanbul, Lobster in Maine, mole in Oaxaca, Natto in Karuizawa, Okonomiyaki in Okayama, pilsner in Pilsen, tapas in Barcelona, mescal in Mexico, pizza in Naples, rijsttafel in Amsterdam, Sherpa stew near Mt Everest, smørrebrød in Kobenhavn, street food in Singapore, sushi in Tskuji, whitefish boil in Dorr County, Wisconsin, yakitori in Ueno, and more…

On Every Trip you’ll learning something new. With an emphasis on locally-focused, cross-cultural exchanges, our tours often have a thematic focus that spotlights key ingredients which make each place unique. Example trips include Adaptive Reuse in Architecture to Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country; King Ludwig’s Castles to Germany; Total Solar Eclipse in KcyOming (that you may know as Wyoming), Change over Time in Film, Art, and Architecture in the Czech Republic; Art, Land Water in Italy; the Landscape in Modern Maine Art; Sherpa Culture in Nepal, and many more...

We initiated this project as a platform to share experiences that connect art, community, and lifelong learning through the travel experiences we offer for small groups (and through stories, photos, and videos of those experiences) .  Sign up now to receive our quarterly newsletters and tour announcements. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for other postings. You will find invitations to join us on future adventures and expeditions, or ask us to craft a custom experience for your family, friends, and/or colleagues. You’re also welcome to use the information to learn about and enjoy highlighted people and places on your own. Thanks for your interest!

Tiny World Tours is for you if:

  • You appreciate the intentionality and efficiency of a well-crafted itinerary

  • You enjoy walking, looking, learning and participating in great conversations

  • You want to be off the (over-touristed) beaten track

  • You co-create meaningful memories / stories to bring home

  • You value small group, intimate travel experiences with diverse people

  • You enjoy expanding your comfort zone and feel ready to have some of your assumptions challenged

  • You love nature and culture; walking and imagining the world through the footsteps and eyes of others

Tiny World Tours delights in designing unique tour experiences for groups that includes people with different abilities and disabilities. Please tell us if you have an interest in this and wish to start a dialog.


With a background in science and technology (B.A., Astrophysics, Middlebury College, M.S. MIT Media Lab) Mark co-founded Zebra Imaging, a holographic imaging startup and has his name on dozens of patents.  At age 16, he took his first trip abroad, and has since enjoyed living in Europe and Asia, and has travelled to all seven continents. By organizing unique travel experiences close to home and to remote areas of the world allows him to make authentic global connections that last a lifetime.


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Contact us at info@tinyworldtours.com

phone/text: 512.689.6777


Contact us at info@tinyworldtours.com

phone/text: 512.689.6777


Some words of praise FROM past participants


Some words of praise FROM past participants

 "What an epic trip with such fun people and guides.” 

— J.S. Austin, TX (2019 Through Artists’ Eyes: Japanese Nature and Culture Tour)

“I can’t think of one thing I didn’t enjoy (well maybe the mackerel!), and it was awe inspiring on many occassions. How lucky we were to have access to so many unique experiences!”

— P.F. Johnson City, TX (2019 Through Artists’ Eyes: Japanese Nature and Culture Tour)

“I have been with Tiny World tours to Nepal, Jordan, the Czech Republic and to the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada. I cannot recommend TWT highly enough -- a thoughtfully curated, congenial experience meant that I could experience these places in an ambitious, "off the beaten path" and authentic way. This company goes way beyond a simple tour -- TWT gives you the space and freedom to fully experience the art, culture, places and people of a locale within thoughtful itineraries, while also giving you space to explore your own identity and how you relate to the world around you. Mark Holzbach and his team have developed something that's completely missing in the world of cultural tourism. When the trip concludes, you have made friends with your co-travelers for life -- bonded by unique experiences -- and your perspective has been challenged and forever changed. As someone who has traveled extensively and doesn't wish to be ensnared in a stuffy tour, let me assure you that Tiny World Tours is anything but! Highly, highly recommend.”

— C.G. Denver, CO (2018 TWT Tours to Jordan, Nepal, Czech Republic, Nevada)

“I have been on two trips with Tiny World Tours: the first Art Prize trip to Michigan and the architectural reuse in Central Texas trip. Both were exceptionally well curated. Loved the attention to detail. I hope to go on more.”

— P.O. Austin, TX (2011 ArtPrize, 2016 Central Texas Adaptive Reuse Architecture)

“We thoroughly enjoyed our ArtPrize adventure hosted by Tiny World Tours. Mark and Dana were knowledgeable, experienced and FUN. Hearing their stories about the venues, artists and all around general information, deepened my appreciation (let alone knowledge) of the arts and the ArtPrize experience. It was truly a birds eye view and a way of connecting with the inner core of the festival. We cannot wait to participate in other TWTs.”

— C.F.H. Grand Rapids, MI (2018 ArtPrize)

“Our adventure to Las Pozas in Mexico was fantastic. Laid back but well planned. Art, architecture, culture and Mexican hospitality all rolled into one blissful package!”

— R.G. Houston, TX (2017 Las Pozas, Mexico)

“I loved my trip with Tiny Tours (an architectural exploration of the Texas Hill Country, Austin and San Antonio). Mark and Dana are well-connected, which pays off in access to unique destinations, educational and eating experiences. Plus, they attract an eclectic group of clients, which made for really interesting discussions along the way. I hope to go on another Tiny Tour soon!”

— M.H. Lansing, MI (2016 Central Texas Adaptive Reuse Architecture

“We travelled to Bhutan with Mark and Tiny World Tours. Traveling to Bhutan in itself was exciting but the experience was enriched by the interesting places that we stayed, the company we shared, the discussions en route, the people we were introduced to (notably our wonderful guide, Dorji Dorji and our friendly and dependable driver, Ngawang Dorji) and the offbeat visits to places I might have ignored but which were fascinating!”

— C.C. & J.C. Brussels, Belgium (2018 Eastern Bhutan)

“We’ve traveled more than once with Tiny World Tours and we’ll do it again because of the mix of the delightfully unexpected and the luxurious, the entrée into private art collections and the opportunity for experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be available, and the benefit of Mark and Dana’s knowledge and enthusiasm.   Accommodations, food, transportation, and guides are always first-rate, and travelling companions have invariably been enthusiastic and pleasant.”

— E. B. & D. B. Wimberley, TX (2017 Louisville, 2019 Through Artists’ Eyes: Japanese Nature and Culture Tour)

“We went to Japan with Tiny World Tours and Esprit Travel. The trip was fantastic. One of the best adventures that we have had. The combination of Mark, Dana and Andy Bender gave us insights that we could never have gotten on our own—not to mention sites that we never would have found.”

— S.P., Fennville, MI (2019 Through Artists’ Eyes: Japanese Nature and Culture Tour)

“We participated in the art and architecture trip to Japan. We were able to meet artists and participate in exhibitions as well as visiting some peoples homes who Have great connections.Having traveled a great deal, I can say this was one of the best tripsEver experienced.”

— C.S., Fennville, MI (2019 Through Artists’ Eyes: Japanese Nature and Culture Tour)