Docey Lewis and her son Owen Lewis are remarkable because they have established multi-decade textile design & manufacturing partnerships that criss-cross continents, countries, and cultures.  They are descendants of 19th century utopian social reformer Robert Owen who operated a noted and historic social experiment in New Harmony, Indiana between 1825 and 1827. New Harmony is also, incidentally, the site of an Eames Demetrios Kcymaerxthaere art installation, "A Healing Palindrome".  It is through Eames's introduction that I met Docey and Owen.

I was a lucky recipient of Docey and Owen's wonderful hospitality for 14 days at the start of the 2017 June monsoon season. There was some rain, but plenty of sun as you can see in the photos below.   Through them I met many wonderful Sherpa friends / business partners, and many doors and experiences magically opened. I was enchanted by Nepal and the Solukhumbu region near Mt Everest, that has been the ancestral home of Sherpas for centuries after migrating from Tibet.

This was a very successful reconnaissance tour, and I made many friends as you can see from the photos below. As partners with Docey and Owen, Dana and I will return to lead Tiny World Tours groups for individuals with various interests (arts & culture & nature) and various levels of fitness and ambition!  Come on one of our trips-of-a-lifetime! (or of lifetimes!  Tibetan Buddhists believe in reincarnation!)